Australian Musical Festival

Opens in Launceston May 15.

The Australian Musical Theatre Festival is set to dazzle Launceston for its fifth consecutive year, featuring a diverse lineup of 19 events across five days from May 15th to 19th. Venues range from the scenic Cataract Gorge to a brewery and the historic Princess Theatre. Artistic Director Tyran Parke is excited to showcase three musicals, including “IT’S ONLY LIFE” with Broadway composer John Bucchino, “MARRY ME A LITTLE” with Stephen Sondheim material, and a reimagined version of “NINE THE MUSICAL.”

The festival promises unique experiences such as Queenie van de Zandt’s interactive show at Cataract Gorge and Brittanie Shipway’s opening act highlighting First Nations music theatre. Natalie Gamsu will captivate audiences with “SHRAPNEL,” a deeply personal performance at The Royal Oak Hotel. “CHOIR IN THE PUB” returns with stars from “LES MIS,” Patrice Tipoki and Kerrie Anne Greenland, while Kerrie Anne will also present her solo show “PICTURES” at Ducane brewery, celebrating movie musicals.

Des Flanagan, fresh from his role in “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” will grace the stage, and each night will conclude with “THE DIVA DEN” at the Earl Arts Centre, hosted by different divas. “BEST OF BROADWAY” offers a nostalgic journey through beloved Broadway classics. The festival serves as a vibrant hub for musical theatre enthusiasts, artists, and industry professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and revel in the magic of the genre amidst Tasmania’s warm hospitality.

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