FLIT Opens October 10th at The Fringe Festival

Flit Media Release

Introducing “Flit” by Ruby Rees, the talented playwright who won the national St Martin’s Playwriting Award in 2010 for her debut play “Serpents”. “Flit” is a captivating production made possible by the support of Creative Victoria’s Sustaining Creative Workers Grant Funding and Theatre World’s Melbourne Fringe Artists First Commission Program.

A girl returns home from a night out, muscles aching from dancing. A boy she has never seen before sits in her flat, awaiting her return. Assuming the worst, the girl takes a frying pan to the boy’s temple, and when he claims he has been banished from Neverland by Peter Pan, the girl thinks the boy is crazy, high or both. That is until his story begins tugging on a memory she thought she had forgotten…

Drawing on JM Barrie’s mythological tale, Flit is a new work that “caresses the tumultuous”, and “possesses a raw, mesmerising quality” (Arts Hub).

Flit Director and Co-creator Ruby Rees, reflecting on teaming up with sister Eva, has combined her “deep love for Peter Pan, alongside my fascination with the challenges it presents around loss of innocence, gender, and family relationships. Flit is ripped from the past and embodies a nostalgia for childhood that I think is universal. He is important now because he represents experiences that I hope generate empathy and recognition forever.”

It is a drug induced psychosis; a scathed daydream; the remnants of shattered childhood innocence. Directed in a mode that is “stylish, energetic and exciting” (Theatrepeople), Flit occurs entirely in one room, riddled with degenerate nostalgia and pulsating with the kind of intimacy evoked by the most pathological of human tendencies.

Flit is a collaboration between Theatre Works, Ruby and Eva Rees and Melbourne Theatre Producer Andrew Gyopar (Little Women, Dogfight). According to Gyopar, working with Ruby and Eva (Rees) is “an exciting opportunity to showcase some of the incredible talent we have in Melbourne and harness the Melbourne Fringe platform to bring a new, locally created work to life.”

Ruby Rees adds that “Melbourne Fringe is a smorgasbord of experiments and of pushed envelopes. Art in every form spills all over Melbourne and crowds from far and wide gather together to celebrate art makers, there is a buzz and a hum that underpins the whole festival and is unbearably exciting to be a part of.”

The cast of Flit are:
The Girl: Kaiya Jones (Neighbours, Turn Up The Volume) Flit: Madeleine Magee-Carr (Cinderella, The River)

Flit will leave you feeling like you’ve seen it before – but can’t remember where.

Tickets available now

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Disclosure: AG Theatre, the producer of Flit, is owned by the editor of this publication

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