Kiss Me Kate Opens Tonight

As opening night approaches for GSOV’s Kiss Me Kate, Choreographer Denique Adlam caught up with AndrewG on how she is embracing the opportunity to shape the artistic vision of the production, infusing it with her unique perspective and creative flair.

 In a fascinating interview on Showtime with Andrew G Denique, a seasoned dancer and choreographer, provides a glimpse into her multifaceted career and her latest endeavour with Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria’s production of “Kiss Me Kate”.   From her early beginnings in ballet to her transition into musical theatre, Denique’s journey reflects a fusion of classical technique and expressive artistry.

 As Denique embarks on her first choreographic venture with Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria, she delves into the intricacies of bringing “Kiss Me Kate” to life on stage. Set against the backdrop of a Shakespearean play within a play, the production unfolds as a captivating tale of love, ambition, and theatrical chaos. Denique’s choreography, infused with elements of classic dance and modern interpretation, adds depth and dynamism to the narrative.

The show opens tonight for a  limited season and audiences are encouraged to secure their seats for an unforgettable theatrical experience. As the curtains rise on “Kiss Me Kate,” Denique’s choreography promises to dazzle and delight, leaving a lasting impression on theatregoers of all ages.

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You can see the full interview on You Tube below.

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