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As You Like It

Williamstown Botanical Gardens


Williamstown Botanic Gardens
23 Mar – 24 Mar
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I was greeted by the various characters as I entered the beautiful Williamstown Botanical Gardens which was the perfect way to get into the atmosphere of for the show and all it needed was the actors and a very small amount of props.  What I also really enjoyed was the use of all the different hidden entrances enhanced by the trees and paths of the gardens.  A highlight was the Elizabethan costumes that really set the scene and matched the outdoor setting perfectly.   To the cast, Justin Bell as Touchstone was the comic standout for me as he entertained the crowd in character as he waited for late comers, switching to the Shakesperean dialect flawlessly as the actual story began.  

Bell’s performance throughout the whole show over the top and hilarious.  Julian Camara as multiple characters of Charles, Silvius and Amiens was another standout, he too was over the top and I loved his often exaggerated portrayal of these characters, I have to say my favourite was Charles.  Andy Delves delivered his hilarious and brutally honest lines with perfect timing and I loved the grunt in his voice he often used to vent his wickedness!   Micheal Davidson as Orlando was commanding and played the hero with gusto often using his body language to convey his classy and yet sassy personality.  As Rosalind, Maddie Roberts is a delight showing innocence but at the same time making the audience laugh as her over the top character.  Luke Ingram as Corin puts on another funny and over the top performance, showing his versatility as an actor.  Sorcha Breen as Celia plays the role with hilarity, innocence and likability.  Rounding out the cast we have Eleanor Ruth as Phebe and Petea Clark who is lovable as Audrey and LeBeau.  Ruth as Phebe is another highlight for me, her commanding presence definitely captured my eye.  I commend oZact for using the outdoor setting for this production and bringing this Shakespeare classic to life.

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan is an active performer on the community theatre scene having performed in musical theatre for almost 20 years all over Melbourne. He is also a vocal coach and has also written and performed his own cabaret shows.
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