Kiss Me, Kate

Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Clayton

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria

Alexander Theatre Clayton
02 May – 05 May
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Imagine a bustling theatre where emotions run as high offstage as they do on. “Kiss Me, Kate” brings you into the world of Fred Graham (Ian Woolford), a charismatic but flawed actor-director, and Lilli Vanessi (Lauren Lee Innis-Youren), his equally passionate ex-wife and leading lady. Their backstage drama unfolds amidst the chaos of staging Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” Amidst the whirlwind of rehearsals and performances, Fred and Lilli’s personal history and lingering feelings add layers of complexity. Their banter and clashes mirror the play they’re putting on, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Meanwhile, a subplot involving comical gangsters adds a hilarious twist, injecting the story with even more energy and humour.

The musical’s catchy tunes and lively choreography invite the audience to tap their toes and smile along, while the characters grapple with relatable themes of love, pride, and second chances. In the end, amidst all the theatrics, “Kiss Me, Kate” delivers a heart-warming message about forgiveness and the enduring power of love, both on and off the stage. Choreographer Denique Aslam’s vision shines through with beautiful choreography that enhances every scene. The dancers adeptly blend comedy, finesse, and sensuality, adding layers of depth to the performance. From lively ensemble numbers to intimate duets. Particularly noteworthy is the seductive fan dance, a captivating display of artistry and allure that mesmerises the audience. The attention to detail and creativity elevates the production, creating a visual feast that complements the music and storytelling perfectly.

The entire cast truly deserves a standing ovation for their exceptional handling of the challenging Shakespearean material woven into the musical. Lauren Lee Innis-Youren’s vocals were captivating as Lilli, bringing the character to life with every powerful and emotional note she hit. From the show-stopping numbers like “So In Love” to the humour-filled “I Hate Men,” her voice took the audience on a journey through Lilli’s varied emotions, from love to frustration to laughter. She showcased her talent as a multifaceted performer capable of delivering a vocally stunning performance.

Ian Woolford was a standout as Fred Graham, bringing a captivating blend of exceptional vocals, impeccable comedic timing, and a commanding stage presence to the role. His delivery of Fred’s witty one-liners and comedic moments was spot-on, commanding attention with his larger-than-life persona and effortless stage presence. Whether engaging in romantic banter with Lilli or navigating the comedic chaos of the production, Woolford’s performance was memorable.

Paula, played by Alyssa Sorgiovanni, stole the show with her leading performance in the opening number “Too Darn Hot.” In Act 2, Sorgiovanni exuded a magnetic allure, infusing the performance with sizzling sensuality. Her fluid and mesmerising movements drew the audience into the seductive rhythm of the song, showcasing her captivating stage presence and talent.

The show is only playing for a short time, from May 2nd to May 5th. Catch it while it’s still around for an unforgettable experience!

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala is a student of tap and ballet and incredibly passionate about performing arts, in particular musical theatre. IG: @CrystalBrooke_94
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