Possum Magic

Alexander Theatre

Monkey Baa Theatre Group

05 Apr – 13 Apr
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Amongst the beautiful Australian bushland trees, the crickets are chirping and there’s a full moon glowing through the branches.  The stage at the Alexander Theatre is set!

Mem Fox and Julie Vivas’ delightful tale Possum Magic is brought to life with Monkey Baa’s wonderful stage adaptation. A favourite story for young and old, families will love every moment of this cheerfully entertaining production.

“Being invisible means you’re safe” whispers Grandma Poss who loves meddling with magic. She can turn all of her animal friends into different colours and sizes, so when danger arrives she casts a spell to make little Hush impossible to see.  But Hush soon discovers that it’s just no fun to be heard and not seen “Where’s my head?  I want my head!”

The quest to make Hush visible then begins!

As Grandma Poss and Hush bike trek right across Australia, they discover a range of human foods that help reverse the magic.  With glitter stars and sparkly lights floating across the stage, the moon is used to depict shadow puppets and digital images that assist with this fabulous journey.  

The pair head first to Adelaide and find themselves at Rundle Mall, surrounded by toilet paper, baked beans and handmade ANZAC biscuits in aisle 9.  Then it’s next on to Melbourne where they hop on a tram, catch a movie and sample a Mintie.  With 3D glasses and a frightful flick, they quickly bike off to Sydney for a New Year’s Eve celebration under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  With fireworks ablaze, Hush tries a sandwich sub full of steak and salad but Grandma Poss still cannot see Hush.  Then on to Brisbane for some baked goods, we meet two delightful little old ladies who are bickering about their pumpkin scones.  Still with no luck of visibility, they head to Darwin where a pair of scouts are lunching on Vegemite sandwiches and suddenly with a small salty bite we see a tail appear!  On then to Perth for some pavlova, fighting seagulls under the sunshine, and then finally they sail to Hobart on an umbrella and meet a groovy chef with some lamingtons.

The animals and supporting characters come to life as soon as the magic story book flicks open, and from start to finish the audience is engaged in Possum Magic.  There’s a buzz of excitement and the little ones are completely captivated by the actors who are full of delight.  They entertain with energy, voice, physicality, the scratching of ears and twitching of noses.  Director Sandie Eldridge has done wonders with this magical little stage show, full of glowing pages, flashes of lights and the talented Will Bartolo, Sarah Greenwood, Josh Virgona and Sarah Woods who depict animal behaviors that are familiar for all of the family to follow.   

The costumes are delightful and suit the cheeky characters, and the use of lighting and music, smoke and wind creates a special atmosphere for each scene.  It’s mystical but not scary, and quirky with enough excitement for everyone to enjoy.  

Possum Magic is all about hope and that family bond.  This production is a fabulous first theatre experience that young ones will remember for years to come.  It also includes little disco celebrations at the finale!

Enjoy an Australian classic, come to life – Possum Magic is performing at The Alexander Theatre until 7th of April and then touring through July

Wendy Samantha

Wendy Samantha

Wendy Samantha is a writer and director and runs her own performing arts school. She has worked on many shows and musicals and is head of primary music at a prestigious Melbourne private school.
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