Review: Almost, Maine

Eltham Little Theatre
Until 16 September

Almost, Maine is a captivating play that takes the audience on a journey through the joys and struggles of love in a remote town. 

Set in a fictional town, that isn’t quite a town, known only as Almost, Maine.

Told through a series of interconnected vignettes, the play explores the complexities of human relationships in a humorous and heartwarming way. 

Playwright John Cariani (perhaps better known for his on-screen work as Julian Beck in Law & Order), introduces us to a variety of characters throughout the play.

Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy filled with strange, poignant and beautiful moments that captivates the audience from start to finish. There’s the couple who keep falling in and out of love, the young man who is afraid to admit his feelings for his best friend, the woman who can’t forget about the man who broke her heart, and many more. 

Marti Ibrahim’s expert direction provided each member of the ensemble cast ample opportunities captivates the audience, even with their limited time on stage.

Each character brings something unique and adds to the overall charm of the play. Despite their differences, they are all connected by the longing for love. 

Trav Eccles’ clever set design is a simple but very effective use of the Eltham Little Theatre stage and the sparing use of projections almost served as another character in the show. 

Isabella Preston’s sound design is another highlight of this play.

I enjoyed each performance of the talented ensemble cast. With impeccable comedic timing, deep connection to their characters and near perfect accents, each performer shines in their own way.

It’s impossible not to be drawn in by these characters. I found myself invested in each of their stories as they navigate through the ups and downs of love in Almost, Maine.

Almost, Maine plays at Eltham Little Theatre until 16 September.

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Andrew G is a theatre promoter (@andrewgshowtime), a theatre producer (Green Day's American Idiot, The Wizard of Oz, Dogfight) and Editor of (formerly Melbourne Theatre Info).
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