An Inspector Calls Review


Review: An Inspector Calls

STAG, Strathmore
1 to 1o June

STAG – An Inspector Calls

I travelled down to Strathmore to check out STAG (Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group) and their production of ‘An Inspector Calls’.  I was greeted with open arms and all the front of house people made me feel very welcome as I took my seat.  

The show had one set throughout the performance which was the main dining room of a house and the show takes place over one night as the group of people living there discuss what happened to a girl that mysteriously died.  The play was very dialogue heavy and I commend all the actors for their performances and ability to deliver so much dialogue almost perfectly. 

James Chappel as the Inspector is pompus and serious and plays the role with gusto and often scared the audience members with his performance.  Alexandria Page as Sheila Birling played the role with the nervousness it required bringing the sense of naivety to the role. 

A highlight for me was both Timothy Phypers as Gerald Croft and Steve Saul as Arthur Birling. 

Both of these roles were again super dialogue heavy and they both needed to carry the entire show, I particularly loved Gerald’s command of the stage and Timothy’s accent.  Michelle Tanner as the mother Sybil Birling played her role with the sturn and aggressive quality it needed.  I loved as the show went on, her frustration grew and grew and she never lost character. 

I particularly loved her mood change as the becomes a bit lighter towards the end.  *Spoiler alert*   The plot twist at the end was a very good touch leaving the audience in a bubble of wonder!

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Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan is an active performer on the community theatre scene having performed in musical theatre for almost 20 years all over Melbourne. He is also a vocal coach and has also written and performed his own cabaret shows.
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