Review: Beyond The Beehive

The MC Showroom
18 to 21 May

Amy Winehouse, we all love her, but do we know the full story?

Beyond the Beehive takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions while visiting memory lane. From the second you walk into the theatre you are met with friendly staff who are ready to help you if you need anything. The small and intimate stage design combined with the moody and sultry lighting that matched the beat of the music when needed creates a cosy atmosphere.

Did you know that Amy came from a very talented family? Or that she released her first album when she was just 19?

Jam packed with facts, by the end of the show you will feel even more connected to this true icon. Carol Whitfield and her 4-piece band performed songs including: ‘Back in Black’, ‘Valerie’ and ‘Rehab’ which instantly take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.  Hidden touches of comedy can be found within quotes, and anecdotes, which make this show a must see if you want to have a good night out and love anything Amy Winehouse.

Carol sings in Amy’s classic style of Jazz, hip hop, soul, and Motown. Amy had a very deep and distinctive voice and Carol has done an amazing job of replicating that. The second the show started the crowd was clapping and dancing along in their seats and it did not stop all show! Not only was Carol amazing but the band was as well. The band consisted of the Keys, the drums, the bass, and the saxophone. The saxophone player added to the atmosphere and experience as they were very entertaining and invested in the show and Amy’s story.

 It was obvious throughout the show that all band members admire Amy and her talent. With more of a concert style of performance, the show consisted of Amy’s history, talent, and comedic effect.

After seeing the show, it opened my eyes to a lot more about her life and struggles. Not only was this told through her music but also the emotion displayed on Carol’s face and their body language. Even if you don’t know much about Amy, this show is still a must see.

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