Review: Burn It

The Butterfly Club
27 to 29 April

Visiting The Butterfly Club for the first time was an experience before the show even began. The club is a small but rather unique and quirky performing arts theatre and bar down a quiet alleyway in Melbourne, but is somehow the perfect location for emerging young artists. The eccentric collection of artefacts around the club leaves little to the imagination. The Butterfly Club sets the perfect location for a play like Burn It, to be held in. The butterfly Club is a queer friendly venue that is accommodating to all who walks through the doors.

Burn It was written, produced and performed by Lydia Kuelsen and they were accompanied on stage by Kyle Scott. The show takes you on a journey of discovery between two friends juggling the challenges of relationships, sexuality, mental health and general life anxieties. Both Kyle and Lydia’s performances were raw and powerfully emotional when confronting crippling pain. With the simplicity of the set the show still equally balances dark humour and heavy heartfelt dialogue which creates an intimate atmosphere allowing the audience feeling every emotion. It had you laughing out loud while also feeling every hurt and heartbreak during the performance.

Burn It is so wonderfully written that it leaves certain aspects of the story to be interpreted by the audience, leaving you to wonder what happens to the characters after their story ends. It also shows the unfiltered struggles young people are facing with identity issues, mental health and physical and substance abuse with the use of dark humour as a coping mechanism. 

The fantastic trio of Lydia Kuelsen (Writer, Producer, Cast), Kyle Scott (Cast) and Jacqui Martin (Director) to create a show like Burn It shows the trust and bond between them. This production is leading the way for open discussions of mental health, substance abuse, domestic abuse and breaking the gender stereotypes among young adults. This is a show to be seen.

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Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala is a student of tap and ballet and incredibly passionate about performing arts, in particular musical theatre. IG: @CrystalBrooke_94
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