Review: F.A.A.G: Footballers Are A Godsend

The Butterfly Club
8 to 13 May 2023

Coming off the back of a sold out season at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Samuel Roberts returns to the stage for a second season of his cabaret Footballers Are A Godsend; F.A.A.G for short.

This hour-long cabaret is jam packed with quick wit, raw and vulnerable truth and a singing voice to rival any professional, all intertwining to create a most funny and thought-provoking piece of theatre. Coming out as a gay man after 20+ years of playing AFL in the local community, Samuel takes the audience on a wild emotional ride of self-acceptance, masculinity and what community means.

With Samuel’s natural singing talent he combines anecdotal stories with pop covers and original songs that enhances his storytelling. He is able to pull at the heartstrings of the audience one minute and then have them in stitches the next.

This cabaret has something for everyone whether you are a theatre kid, football kid or just someone who enjoys a laugh. With the intimate setting of The Butterfly Club, Samuel uses the space expertly in a way that really draws the audience into the show as if you were sitting down with a friend for a chat; one that just happens to be filled with song!

This reviewer can’t wait to see what Samuel writes about next and this cabaret is not one to be missed. Samuel Roberts is one to keep their eye on and make sure you snag a ticket whenever you can.

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Tasha White

Tasha White

Tasha White is an active performer in the theatre industry having worked both on and off stage. She continues to work on Melbourne’s stages and hopes to shine light on independent theatre. IG: @tash_liana
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