Review: Legally Blonde

Mahon Theatre Ringwood
Believe Theatrical Productions
Until 23 September

Legally Blonde The Musical presented by Believe Theatrical  Productions was a great light hearted musical with high energy performances and witty one-liners. The range of talent was carefully cast to the strengths of each performers ability which provided many opportunities for the actors to experience the stage for the first time.

The opening scene of Legally Blonde The Musical starts with a burst of energy as the cast takes the stage, setting the tone for the whole show. It’s the perfect introduction to the world of Elle Woods and her journey to law school. You’ll be hooked from the very beginning with the catchy upbeat songs and high energy choreography that set bar for the rest of the show which didn’t disappoint. The show is filled with over-the-top characters that will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end, from Elle’s hilarious antics to the quirky supporting cast, there’s never a dull moment.

Elle Woods, the leading lady in Legally Blonde The Musical is a strong, determined, and fiercely independent character who defies stereotypes and proves that you can be both smart and fashionable. Her journey from sorority girl to law student is inspiring, and her infectious personality lights up the stage. You’ll be rooting for Elle every step of the way. The role had big shoes to fill and Felicity Jenkins was the perfect person to play Elle, she’s got the voice, the beauty and the personality and completely captivates the audience. I must also mention the on-stage quick change was flawless, I was waiting to see how they would approach it, to the audience it looked smooth, if there were any issues, I didn’t see any.

The outstanding performance of the night goes to the opening of Act 2 “Whipped into Shape”. After seeing the pro shot of the broadway version I didn’t know what to expect or know if it was even going to be included at all. I can tell you it did not disappoint, It’s a high-energy, show-stopping number. The choreography is fierce and the lyrics are hilarious. It’s a perfect blend of comedy and athleticism that will leave you in awe. You won’t believe what these girls can do all while still singing and dancing without missing a beat. Caitlin Greenhill who played Brooke Whyndom lead the performance with pride, talent and enthusiasm. The dance moves are energetic and perfectly capture the spirit of the show. The choreographer did an incredible job of blending different styles allowing all abilities from the cast to be creative within their role. It’s a dance extravaganza that will have you tapping your feet and wanting to join in.

The show was faced with some technical difficulties with microphones cutting in and out or not working at all however the cast showed professionalism in continuing when faced with these challenges and didn’t miss a beat.

The songs are catchy, the costumes are fabulous, and the story is so much fun. It’s a feel-good show that will have you singing along and cheering for Elle Woods. If you get a chance to see it, I recommend it!

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Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala is a student of tap and ballet and incredibly passionate about performing arts, in particular musical theatre. IG: @CrystalBrooke_94
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