The Last Train to Madeline

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In “The Last Train to Madeline,” Ruby Maishman and Eddie Orton deliver standout performances that breathe life and authenticity into Callum Mackay’s evocative script. Their portrayals of Maddy and Luke, respectively, anchor this nostalgic and emotionally charged production, creating a compelling dynamic that captivates from the first scene to the last.

Ruby Maishman embodies Maddy with a striking combination of vulnerability and determination. Watching her capture the restless spirit of an eight-year-old dreamer and transform it into a disillusioned yet hopeful young woman of 23 is a true delight. Her performance reveals Maddy’s complexities: her deep-seated yearning for a father she’s never known, her rebellious streak against small-town confines, and the lingering echoes of first love. Ruby’s expressive eyes and dynamic presence make Maddy’s journey both relatable and profoundly moving.

Eddie Orton’s portrayal of Luke is equally captivating. He brings a quiet strength and authenticity to Luke, grounding the character in a sense of realism. This contrasts beautifully with Maddy’s more whimsical nature. His performance is a masterclass in subtlety, using restrained body language and poignant silence to convey Luke’s internal conflicts and deep-seated emotions. The chemistry between between them is palpable. It captures the essence of adolescent nostalgia and the bittersweet complexities of reconnecting with a long-lost love.

Adding to the brilliance of the performances is the exceptional set design.

Despite the limited space, the set is crafted with such intricate detail that it transports the audience directly into the heart of Wangaratta and the characters’ intertwined lives. Every element on stage, from the nostalgic childhood artefacts to the evocative lighting that shifts with the passing years, is meticulously designed to enhance the storytelling. The creative use of space not only maximises the visual appeal but also seamlessly transitions between different time periods and settings, adding depth and richness to the narrative.

Together, Ruby and Eddie create a dynamic that is both heartwarming and heartrending. Their interactions are charged with a raw, unspoken history that speaks volumes about their characters’ shared past and uncertain future. This emotional depth, combined with their exceptional individual performances and the stunning set design, makes “The Last Train to Madeline” a truly unforgettable experience.

Under the direction of Fever103 Theatre, Ruby and Eddie’s performances shine, elevating the play to new heights. Their portrayal of Maddy and Luke is a testament to their talent and the enduring power of live theatre to touch hearts and minds. “The Last Train to Madeline” is not to be missed, thanks in no small part to the stellar work of Ruby Maishman, Eddie Orton, and the creative genius behind the production’s detailed set design.

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala

Crystal Stivala is a student of tap and ballet and incredibly passionate about performing arts, in particular musical theatre. IG: @CrystalBrooke_94
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