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Malthouse Theatre

Kadimah Yiddish Theatre

Malthouse Theatre
29 Feb – 17 Mar
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Yentl is the journey of a young woman who defies the Jewish Orthodox tradition that forbids females from studying religious scripture. When her father dies, Yentl emancipates herself by dressing in male guise, determined to live as a man to continue her studies. Religion, gender, sexual politics, and traditional Yiddish culture collide as Yentl finds her truth through faith and love.

The story was also turned into a musical film in 1983 starring Barbra Streisand in the title role.

This particular production was staged at the Malthouse Theatre in Southbank.  I was welcomed by a magnificent set, designed by Dann Barber, and the stirring guitar music as the audience entered.  Director Gary Abrahams has really captured the essence of the story including the use of English translations projected during the Yiddish dialogue (subtitles operated by Josh Reuben).  

Photos by Jeff Busby

In the role of Yentl, the woman struggling to discover her real identity, is Amy Hack who plays the role with compassion and vulnerability that I really felt the struggle with her as she uses her male persona, Anshel to discover who she really is.  

As Yentl’s friend, Avigdor is Nicholas Jaquinot, his performance right from the start is both comedic and stirring as he becomes more and more confused as to who Yentl really is.  His discovery of himself is also portrayed a high level of skill.  

Genevieve Kingsford is stunning as Hodes
she plays the role with innocence and was at times gut wrenching.  

Finally, we have Evelyn Krape as the Figure  .  She in my opinion was the standout as she doubles as the narrator and also as Yentl’s guide as she helps her through her hidden identity.  Krape was often the comic relief and threw the odd subtle line in with perfect timing.  This was a production of a very high standard and I look forward to seeing what else they produce.

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan is an active performer on the community theatre scene having performed in musical theatre for almost 20 years all over Melbourne. He is also a vocal coach and has also written and performed his own cabaret shows.
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