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The Flood, written and directed by Tara Kennedy, was quite a surreal experience. The cast and crew worked collaboratively and flawlessly together to create a unique and emotional performance. 

Watching The Flood very much felt like a dream. It resonated in the sense that dreams can be abrupt and they’re inconsistent, confusing, intense, and really can make you feel as though you’re drowning. Sometimes you wake up and can’t quite recall what happened, but the weight of the feelings remain.  

I am sure every member of the audience is familiar with feeling like they’re drowning. Collapsing under a massive weight, sitting heavily on your shoulders. The Flood never failed to remind the audience of this weight. The plot had endless potential of hitting where it hurts. At times though, I was quite confused and could not connect certain events and find the meaning and intention behind them. I found some transitions very abrupt and left me feeling like I was scrambling to catch up with what was happening. 

Each of the actors were well spoken, with great projection and clear annunciation. I had no issue understanding what they were saying, even if the meaning was lost on me. I do applaud the four of them on their teamwork. They worked well together, smooth and fluid like waves upon the shore. 

I particularly enjoyed some of the background ambience. The addition of rain and thunder lightly under the dialogue, truly emphasised the atmosphere. I also loved when Jonathan, played by Adam White, was lightly picking the guitar. It felt very symbolic in the sense that a person can still be present in the background, even if you may not be particularly aware of them. I also simply enjoyed the tone of the guitar set.

Overall, The Flood was a surreal and emotional journey. The weight of the accumulated feelings are heavy, and I feel as though I will have trouble shaking it off.

Casey Brown

Casey Brown

Casey has been a lover of theater since a young age. Currently working as a choreographer, Casey's passion extends from off stage, to on stage. Hoping to live a life surrounded by the performing arts, with many fingers in many pies!
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